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A Review of "One Angry Gay Man"

The overlapping, intertwined monologues of men searching for belonging are linked by the undercurrent of longing to feel a connection - to someone, their greater community, their feelings. Cogswell peels back their exterior masks to expose their inner thoughts and hopes, creating characters that break your heart as they show how they try to protect theirs. The universal themes of love and connection are on full display as Cogswell slips effortlessly between the characters, telling their stories and breathing life and individuality into each of these men. Travel with him through these glimpses into their lives as they experience hope and heartbreak.

About Me:

My plays and monologues have been produced by The Forge Theater Lab, Lemon Punch Theatre Lab, Becoming More Productions, Rock River Players/Hooker-Dunham Theater, The Barefoot Theatre Company, Weston Friendly Society/Theatre III, and Queerativity. I am based in central Massachusetts, where I teach public speaking and writing at a local college and work as a proofreader.

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Theater Production Team Experience


Almost Adults Productions:

Brian's Poems, The Masseur and the Movie Star, A Moment of Clarity, Canonized, Last Exit, One Great Big Light (Director)

The Forge Theater Lab:

Jump Starter, Shadows in the Cave (Director) 

Stepping Stone Theater:

High Tea with Alice in Alice's Restaurant (Director, Script)

Turkey Hill Middle School:

Help! I’m Trapped in a High School (Director)  

Franklin Piece University:

Days of Fate (Director, Playwright), Ten Minute Play Festival: The Shining Monkey (Director)

Calliope Productions:

A Fly in the Ointment (Assistant Director)                  ​


Due Credit Productions: 

Only Me Beside You 

The Impossible Dream: 25 Years of Dreaming  

Franklin Pierce University:

Men! Concert                                                       

Stage Management

Portland Actors Ensemble:

The Taming of the Shrew (Assistant Stage Manager) 

Flashback Tour:

Stage Manager                    

Westborough Players' Club:

Pinocchio (Stage Manager)       

Calliope Productions:              

Snoopy! (Stage Manager)                                                              

House Management

Imago Theatre                                        

Fitchburg State University            

Calliope Productions                                                          

Acting, Community Theater Highlights 


Calliope Productions:

Absolutely Dead, Nate                              

Our Town (2), Howie Newsome          

4th Wall Stage Company:

Awake and Sing!, Sam Feinschreiber      

Twelve Angry Jurors, Juror Twelve           

Westborough Players' Club:

Ordinary People, Cal Jarrett   

Sterling Community Theater:                 

Shrek the Musical, Shrek                           

River's Edge Players:

The Actor’s Nightmare, George               

Westfield Theatre Group:

Company, David   

Exit 7 Players:                        

Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Milt Fields    Sudbury Savoyards:         

The Boys Next Door, Norman Bulanksy  

Fitchburg State University:

The Boys Next Door, Jack Palmer            

Romeo and Juliet, Capulet                            

Leslie Pasternack, Owner and Director, Lemon Punch Theatre Lab:

I had the joy of meeting Matt Cogswell in March of 2020 when he submitted some short plays to a Zoom festival I was producing. I immediately loved the clarity of his writing and the combination of vulnerability and humor he brings to his characters. Matt is also an experienced and gifted actor, so I cast him in several roles over the course of the following year. Matt then collaborated with me on promotional videos and the development of my Physical Comedy class. I find Matt to be exceptionally professional, well-organized, thoughtful, and imaginative in his work. I highly recommend him as a writing and performance mentor or collaborative partner.

Philip Middleton Williams, Playwright

Matt Cogswell directed a virtual production of my play "Last Exit" for Almost Adults Theatre of Santa Fe. His approach to this two-hander play was thorough and sensitive, and he brought out elements in the characters and dialogue that made it exactly what I envisioned on stage and more so. Doing this while on-line through Zoom was an amazing accomplishment, and I would trust my work to him anytime, and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Acting, Film Experience

Six Characters (Lead), One Angry Gay Man, Dir. Samantha deManbey

Denny (Supporting), Where Am I?, Dir. Justin Jaeger

Minister (Supporting), Pick Me Up, Dir. Sean Kelley

Featured Background, Portlandia, 6:6 "TADA,"
Sidestreet Entertainment, Inc.

Background, The Librarians 2:6 "And the Infernal Contract," Ex Libris Productions

Background, The Shack, Shk Productions, LLC

Background, Long Lost AND The Cobblestone Corridor, Dir. Erik Bloomquist


                    These are some of my written works. More examples are on my YouTube channel. 

Floating on Hope Ave (full length) - All of the characters in Floating on Hope Ave are simultaneously seeking and running away from connection. Four stories unfold within the play. Martin’s entire story takes place in one day. Alex and Brian’s story takes place in one week. Caleb and Dean’s story takes place in one month. George’s story takes place in a time span of one year. 

Right Now (short) - Michael and Nick attempt small talk.

Small Ponds (full length) - Three actors, one of them playing multiple characters, explore the world of theater and writing your own material for the stage.

Solemn Process (short) - A film director hires a stage actor for a brief role in his film. This comedy focuses on the clash between theater and film style acting.


In addition to my creative artistry, I am also a proofreader. I draw on my 22-plus years in education, particularly my experience teaching various writing and developmental English courses to adults. 

I can offer basic proofreading services, which entails locating and editing punctuation errors, correcting spelling/commonly confused words/typos, and improving clarity of individual sentences. If an idea is unclear or if the content by itself feels like it's missing 'something,' I include notes to clients to review a section or add my suggestions, but I don't write new content, without notifying clients of that change.

For timeline, I work within given deadlines if needed to proceed forward. Depending on length of work and other commitments at any given time, it could be a few days to a week or more, depending on the length of the manuscript. If it's a long-term project, I could probably dedicate a couple hours or so on various days. It really depends on the client's plans.

I charge $20 for each hour I dedicate to a project (Venmo: Matt-Cogswell-1). That time includes proofreading/editing and correspondence. For larger projects, there can be some discount bundling to save the client some money. In terms of a client's trust on the time spent, that is a leap of faith, granted. I can only give my word that I write down the exact time I sit with a document and record breaks. So, if I dedicate say 12:00 to 4:00 on something but took three ten-minute breaks, that's three and a half hours. I also send daily (as completed) updates so you're aware of where I am in the process.

                                                                          A Review of My Proofreading Work:

Dr. Gerardo Gauthier-Zayas Jr., MBA, Ed.D.
Leader in Business Strategies, Workforce Development, Guest Speaker, Adjunct Instructor and Facilitator:
Although I've been a passionate educator over the last eight-plus years, I held the title of student enrolled in the doctorate program at New England College during the previous three years. A mutual colleague highly recommended Matt, and I became Matt's client to assist me with proofreading my dissertation work over the last couple of years.
Matt provided quality editing, prompt reviewing of material and was readily available to offer continuous feedback on the research content throughout the entire time he worked with me. I highly recommend Matt's editing services and I look forward to working with him on future projects.