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It's Day Whatever of this current cold. There are moments when I feel better, but in general I'd love to just stay in bed, but I have a very unprepared class beginning in just over an hour and a half. I saw two posts recently that got me thinking once again about promotional efforts and social media in general. One was from a successful playwright who posted a plan I would love to follow myself. He essentially announced that he was taking a break from social media and self-promotion to focus on his work and the people in his life, including other playwrights. Oh, does that sound glorious. Any casual reader of my postings knows how much I struggle with this very concept. I checked my Twitter feed. I don't follow too many people. Most posts I see are film-based with more followers than I may ever have. I have seven followers. Anyway, one of the people I followed wrote this very angry (and rightfully so) post about a media presence. The content and her point of view did not bother me. It got me thinking, once again, about how futile social media is. What would that post really do? The people who are likely to read it are likely to agree, so what good does it do to throw that extra negative energy into the world? My 53 tweets have either been self-promotion or Actor Crush of the Day or Performance of the Day announcements. A few people 'liked' my tweets and one successful actress actually wrote a few exchanges with me. In general, though, it was an exercise in futility. The most 'impressions' a tweet received has been 226, for the film of my stage show. It links to my YouTube channel. The channel has recently moved from 22 to 19 subscribers. It's a frustrating game. A few of my fellow playwrights that I follow have 14, 11, and 2 subscribers. Their view counts are much higher than mine. Regardless, it seems to be a pretty useless tool for most creatives. Yet, there are "creatives" who have millions of followers. I don't get it. I have five photos on my Instagram, with six followers. I created a group on Facebook, where half the people I invited haven't accepted or ignored my invitation. I created yet another blog to align with the company I've had in my mind for decades. My 13 posts have had 61 total views.

What irritates me the most is that these statistics are far too stressful and that I feel the need to check those statistics, which teaches me nothing. I hate that I'm still contemplating these non-factors in an artistic career. I need to let it all go. But, I can't, completely. I'm hoping I do find some collaborators. Well, I suppose I should see if I can come up with something more to do in class.

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