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New York City, Seven and Twelve Years Later

I have remained devoted to Saturday Night Live for decades. I don't like hearing people rip apart that show, claiming it is not as good as it was in the past. I have many favorite cast members right up through the current troupe. Returning cast members appearing in a skit gets me just as excited as the live audience. I find it interesting to see how cast members are used over the weeks; some shows feature my favorites more heavily and some shows are completely devoid of one or more of them. I like seeing newer "featured" players get more screentime and more interesting characters. I don't always care for the musical guest, even if I know them and enjoy the music, because it breaks the flow of mostly live acting. On that note, recorded videos are usually genius, but they don't quite compare to that smirk when a line is flubbed or the ridiculousness of the moment can be seen in how the actors approach that moment. I adore actors who can perform hilarious characters with deadpan delivery, such as Mikey Day. I miss the show when it is on its various hiatuses during the year. I enjoy reading popular articles about the sketches and reading about how the cast members found their way to the show.

I have not been to Manhattan since around this time of year in 2015. I auditioned for acting schools at an organized event, twice in front of a decent amount of training program representatives and two additional locations. (On a funny sidenote, I was accepted into only one program, went to it, dropped out after one semester, and earlier this week was included on a Mailchimp for a management position at that program, but that's on the other side of the country and not the point of this entry.) I can officially say I auditioned in New York City four times. I hope I get to do that again. During that audition stretch, I was stranded when a blizzard closed the city. The most peaceful part of that trip was walking down Broadway and passing wonderful theaters in relative solitude. Helen Mirren was in town, as was Bradley Cooper and Idina Menzel. It was glorious to just bask in the knowledge that I was near where they worked. I did not get to see any Broadway shows then (nor was that the plan before the blizzard), but I wished I did. My only time in a Broadway theater was in late 2009 for A Little Night Music with Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I'm overdue for a return.

Opportunities from the pandemic allowed me to be virtually introduced to various people in the NYC scene, both theater and film professionals. Sometimes, I find myself in awe of those connections, even if presently only through the Zoom screen. I've shared original works with film directors and New York-based writers. I've even had a featured writer for a particular daytime soap opera play one of my characters in a reading. These are connections I do not take for granted.

I do not know when I will return to the city that scares me and excites me. My circle has been so limited during these past twenty-two months. Some days I talk to myself.

I will eventually need to be among people in the real world to advance in my artistic career. But for tonight, a storm, nowhere near a blizzard, is on its way and I will enjoy being here and perhaps enjoy some virtual theater, such as this gem:

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