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Revision X 3

I'm sitting in my home office listening to a Bose radio my dad gave me since he plans to upgrade. Because of its age, it's outdated for how I prefer to listen to music. However, the local commercials are charming. It's snowing again, nothing too detrimental, but I'm happy to be inside. A student in my writing class submitted a first portfolio that hints at brilliance once he gets out of his own way. I can relate to some of his shared content.

Last night I was thinking about the solo show. I had an idea while settling into bed and first thought, I'll remember that tomorrow. Instead of taking that chance, I came out here and started writing some notes. Two hours later I had some new content and a writing plan for the rest of the play. The beginning is much more effective, and the concept of the show is becoming clearer. I know what I want to revise. I've already combined some split monologues into one. My document has notes about what I want to do differently, such as combining elements of various appearances of the same character. There are jokes that worked for the workshop (pun?) that are being eliminated. I have other things to say. It shouldn't be a very challenging revision process, but it will take some time, and I look forward to that.

What inspired me to write this post was an email I received from the host of Wednesday Gatherings. Back in September I applied for a solo show training competition. I attended the required sharing of written work and then some. I am not one of the finalists being recognized tomorrow. However, all participants were invited to attend the virtual ceremony where the finalists will present five minutes of work, and the competition winner will be chosen. Although I had to get past my hurt pride first, I accepted the invitation. I found out today that I was the only non-finalist to accept the invitation. Now, they may be working and unable to make the specific time, but I still felt a swell of pride. Roland Tec, the host, himself an impressive bi-coastal creative, will be sharing my website as part of the ceremony.

I like the way it looks right now. It's not the most visually exciting, bells and whistles type of website, but it serves its purpose, and every bit of revision has brought me closer to the image I want to portray. I do need new photographs taken eventually. But, I'm also working on a physical revision, which is the hardest work. When I was editing my website, I moved the link for New Play Exchange and saw that another artist I admire had recommended one of my short plays. Having people responding to my work helps me appear credible to those who don't know me as well. (Right?) I think that's why I was so obsessed with getting my YouTube subscriber base higher. It's getting there.

Anyway, I think I'm going to face the flakes and get in a workout before the Superbowl. I'm not a big football fan, but I do enjoy the spectacle (the commercials, the halftime show) of the event.

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